Types of Barcode Stickers Material

In this world of innovation, every product has mainly 2 qualities(Premium quality and Below premium) But both of them have their advantage and disadvantages. Here we are talking about Barcode Stickers that do not have just two qualities but more than that.

Let’s talk about them …

Barcode is a way of interpreting data in a visual, machine-readable form, and stickers are paper on which we print those barcode data.(Read more)

Majorly there are 3 types of barcode stickers, I will explain each one of them in a very detailed way. So sit back and relax.

Chromo Barcode Stickers : 

  • In-expensive stickers, which come in every size.
  • They are far popular than any other sticker because it’s affordable. 65% of companies prefer this sticker
  • They are tearable, which means if you will try to tear them apart it will get easier.
  • Printing on Chromo is easy, brand-friendly, and smooth.
  • You can apply paper labels on shipping labels, inventory labeling, and work-in-progress goods that yet require to be produced into the final product.
  • Recommended Printing Ribbons: Wax
Barcode Stickers

Polyester Barcode Stickers

  • Polyester labels are recognized as one of the more durable labels
  • Resistant to different temperatures, wet or dry, and resistant to different chemicals as well.
  • Polyester labels are very multipurpose
  • Around 25% of companies prefer Polyester barcode Stickers.
  • Recommended Printing Ribbons: Resins.

Thermal transfer Barcode Stickers

  • Thermal Transfer printers are the perfect solution for long term labeling
  • Superior printability
  • They have an all-temperature adhesive with high initial tack on low-surface energy plastics
  • They are adaptable and well-suited for purposes where stability, and strength (they will tear only if nicked) are marked.
  • Recommended Printing Ribbons: Wax Resins.

Hope you have understood the concept, If you still have any doubt, or want to order a barcode sticker of ribbon from us, please contact us- [email protected]

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