What is Barcode label? How to Print label

Of course! you must have heard about Barcode Label at the check-out counter when you are buying groceries.

The application of Barcode Labels is not just limited to stores, it is used at warehouses, hospitals, logistics, and many other places as well.

But, Do you know there are different types of labels? Yes, that’s true. There are different types of Barcode: Traditional(also known as linear) and 2D barcodes (such as QR codes).

  • Traditional: It holds the spinnet of information through a distinctive set of numbers that the company’s central database uses to get product information such as product type, price, and inventory details.
  • 2D: The second type is 2D barcodes, which hold vast information including product type, price, inventory details, photos, and weblinks.

The type of barcode you use depends upon your requirment.

How to Print your Barcode Label?

The very obvious question after knowing about types of labels is “How to print it?” Well, there are various printers available in the market under your budget and requirement. But choosing the correct printer is important and might get difficult for you.

There are several factors you should consider while choosing Barcode Printer.

  1. Technology: The basic types of printer technology are Dot-matrix, Inkjet, Laser, and thermal. The first three requires high maintenance costs and involve more waste. Whereas thermal gives better quality with less environmental impact. Thermal are of two types: Direct Thermal(made with chemically used materials) and Thermal Transfer(Utilize a thermal printer head to melt ink for long-lasting)
  2. Material: What material you should use for printing the barcode Paper or Polyester. Both have their quality and impressions. 
  3. scope:  If you are a small-scale business with a target of printing barcodes less than 5k in a day, then you should go for desktop printers. On the other hand, Large scale units where thousands of labels are printed in a day for smooth flow of production should use Industrial printers.

Hope I made myself clear about Barcode Labels through this article. But still if you have any doubt you can comment below.