Resin Ribbon

Manu International is an excellent supplier of Thermal Transfer Ribbons. Our barcode ribbons are ideal for printing and are meant to offer the least resistance to the printers, which enhances the printer’s head life. There are mainly three categories of ribbons that are used in thermal printers: wax-ribbon, wax-resign, and Resin.

Resin ribbons are long-lastings that are mainly targeted to printing on polyester and tags, which will be exposed to extreme environments.

If you are looking for a Resin-ribbon at a fair price, we can provide you with quick delivery at your door.

Resin ribbon Specifications

Product Code: MI0004
Excellent Print Quality.
Available in colors
Size range- Width(22mm to 180mm) Length (30mtr to 800mtr)
Increase the printer head life.

Additional Information

Delivery Time – 3-4 WORKING DAYS
 Freight + GST Extra




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